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            Our Basic Beliefs

            Our Basic Beliefs are the Company’s values and principles that guide both strategic decisions and daily behavior. The Basic Beliefs are deeply rooted in the philosophy and heritage of the Company’s founder.

            These Basic Beliefs regarding Quality, People, Ethics, Growth, and Independence have served as a strong foundation throughout our history and will continue to be the basis for future strategy, plans, and accomplishments.

            In 1897, The J.M. Smucker Company was formed by a dedicated, honest, forward-looking businessman, J.M. Smucker. Because he made a quality product, sold it at a fair price, and followed sound policies, the Company prospered.

            Today, we who inherit the Smucker name and the Smucker tradition of successful business operations base present practices on these time-honored values and principles. We interpret them, in terms of modern business thinking, to be the guideposts for decision-making and daily interactions with consumers, customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.

            Quality People Ethics Growth independence


            Our reputation and business success are built on a foundation of quality, earning the enduring trust of our constituents.

            Quality applies to our brands and products, our manufacturing methods, our marketing, our people, and our relationships.

            The Smucker family of brands will continue to be known as the highest quality products offered in our respective markets. We only offer products that enhance the quality of life and well-being. We continuously look for daily improvements that will, over time, result in consistently superior products and performance.

            At Smucker, quality will continue to come first.

            Every employee makes a difference.


            We are fair with our employees and maintain an environment that encourages personal responsibility within the Company, the community, and our lives. We expect our employees to be responsible for not only their individual jobs but for the Company as a whole. We seek employees with integrity who are committed to preserving and enhancing the values and principles inherent in our Basic Beliefs, and who share a passion for Our Purpose.

            We firmly believe that:

            • Every employee makes a difference.
            • An inclusive environment and diverse organization strengthens our Company and enables every employee to reach their full potential.
            • Highest quality people produce the highest quality products and services.
            • Highest business ethics require the highest personal ethics.
            • Responsible people produce exceptional results.


            The same strong ethical values on which our Company was founded provide the standards by which we conduct our business, as well as ourselves. These values include honesty, respect, trust, responsibility, and fairness.

            We accept nothing less, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, we maintain the highest standard of ethics with our consumers, customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.


            Along with managing the day-to-day business, we continuously look forward and focus on the potential of our Company. Growing is reaching for that potential through:

            • Acquisition of new brands and development of strategic partnerships;
            • Innovation leading to the development of new products and new markets;
            • Discovery of new management or manufacturing capabilities; and
            • Personal growth and development of our people and their ideas.

            Growth also requires that we maintain a global perspective of the world in which we conduct business and a responsibility for our impact on the cultural, economic, environmental, and social fabric of our global community.

            We are committed to strong balanced growth within prudent financial parameters. This balanced growth will enable us to both enhance our consumer franchise and provide a fair return to our shareholders. We remain independent from short-term, external influences because we believe that when we make decisions with a long-term perspective, growth will naturally follow.


            We have a strong commitment to the stewardship of the Smucker Company. We strive to be an example of a company that can achieve success while conducting business in accordance with our Basic Beliefs.

            We believe that the interests of all of our constituents — consumers, customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders — are best served by preserving the unique Smucker culture and maintaining our independence.

            We strongly believe that our proven track record of creating long-term value has been built on the foundation of our culture and independence.

            To us, value means bringing families together, building brands that are among the most trusted with consumers and customers, investing in our communities, developing our people, and, ultimately, delivering long-term returns to our shareholders.