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            Getting Hired

            Our culture is sustained and brought to life every day by the people of Smucker. This is why our management approach starts with the important objective of hiring individuals into the organization who share our values as well as a passion for our brands and serving our constituents. A thoughtful employee hiring process supports this objective. Candidates often complete multiple on-site visits to meet with many Smucker employees, providing both the Company and the candidate with the opportunity to get to know one another.

            We hire people for a long-term career, and during the interview process we consider both an employee’s ability to fulfill a current role, and his or her potential for future growth. The effectiveness of this long-term approach is reflected in an employee turnover rate that is well below industry average and an employee productivity rate, as measured by sales and profit per employee, that is consistently above industry average.

            The thoroughness of our hiring process enables us to begin building relationships with employees when they are candidates.

            Below are some frequently asked questions about our hiring process:

            Are there any job openings at Smucker?

            Most job openings are listed on our website where you can complete an application and upload your résumé. For more information on job opportunities, click here.

            What are you looking for in a job candidate?

            Attitude is as important to us as aptitude. We are looking for high-quality, responsible people with an excellent sense of business and personal ethics who produce exceptional results in the workplace, and are interested in personal growth and the growth of the Company.

            How do I apply for a job?

            For general job inquiries, you can submit your application and upload a résumé on our website. For more information on job opportunities, click here.

            Can I apply to more than one position?

            We encourage our applicants to apply for as many jobs that are relevant to one’s capabilities and interests.

            Will I hear back from the Company once my application and résumé is received through the website?

            Yes, you will receive an automated email message thanking you for your interest and notifying you that your application and résumé were received and will be reviewed by our recruitment team.

            In what timeframe will my application and résumé be reviewed?

            The timing and volume of applications vary with each vacant position. Our system will notify you via email when your application is reviewed and either rejected or advanced to the next step in the hiring process.

            Will Smucker notify me of vacancies for which I might be interested and qualified?

            For your added convenience, you have the ability to proactively request email notifications that will alert you when new positions are posted that may align with your qualifications and interests.

            How many people work for Smucker?

            We have approximately 7,500 employees world-wide, including 1,700 employees based at our corporate headquarters in Orrville, Ohio. Learn more about working at Smucker.